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Self-Defeating Behaviors



Stress Management
Relationship Issues

Chronic Pain

Substance Abuse
Career Issues

​​Whether life is going well, or you are struggling to feel well, therapy could be a helpful and powerful tool in moving forward. Finding the right therapist, however, could be overwhelming. With investments of energy, time, and money, it is important to select a therapist with whom you feel comfortable—someone that "gets" you and in whom you have trust and confidence.

I enjoy helping adults and couples understand their barriers and strengths to help them meet their goals in the various aspects of their lives, such as relationships, work, school, and health. I specialize in helping to manage and overcome self-defeating behaviors, relationship problems, depression, and anxiety. Another specialty is insomnia (CBT-I).

I believe health and happiness come through living in moderation. We must also acknowledge our positive, strong, and humorous traits. This belief system is the cornerstone of my approach,
moderative psychotherapy. Many clients describe my "style" as "honest," "real," being a "straight-shooter," and interactive. I would be happy to speak with you to see how I could help and whether my specialties, approach, and style are a good fit.​​​​

Some clients are interested to learn that I am also an author and musician. You can learn more here. A few years ago, a popular A&E/Lifetime docu-series offered me the role of relationship expert, but I decided to focus on my theory, writing, music, and family.

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We are happy to help new and existing clients through this difficult time by offering HIPAA-compliant/secure video/audio sessions.

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Licensed Psychologist

Clinical & Health Psychology | Adults & Older Adults


Stress Management
Life Transitions
Chronic Pain
Women’s Health Issues
Relationship Issues
Bariatric Pre-Surgical Evaluation
Career Assessment

As we all continue to navigate life’s transitions and change, we eventually find ourselves needing guidance and support along the way. Whether you or someone you know is currently thriving or struggling in life, deciding to seek therapy can often be a helpful, rewarding, and life-changing experience. Finding and choosing a therapist, however, could be challenging and overwhelming. Not only must practical matters be considered, such as fees and scheduling, so must the therapist’s style, approach, and qualification. In other words, it has to be a “good fit” and it must “feel right.”

I enjoy working with adults and older adults navigating the gains and losses of life's domains, including health, aging and life transitions, relationships, academics, finances, and work. Some areas of specialty include depression, anxiety, weight, pain, insomnia (CBT-I), stress management, women's health issues, and bariatric pre-surgical evaluations.

My “style” or “approach” centers on being genuine, transparent, direct, and engaged with my clients. I believe strongly that focusing on strength, humor, and positivity is important and that change can happen fairly quickly in therapy. I am happy to speak to you to determine if I can help.